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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 26, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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tonight at ten:a bay area swim coach arrested.. accused of crimes involving children. i'm steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore.investigators say, he sent inappropriate text messages to young members of the swim team . this is the suspect... timothy nguyen. he worked as an assistant coach at "quicksilver swim team" in san jose.(steve) kron4's alecia reid has more on the alleged crime.. and reaction from parents. police say initially timothy nguyen formed a bond with these children by texting and talking about swimming classes, but then that soon turned in a different direction.pkgthere are a number of age groups that swim with quicksilver. police say between december of 2015 and
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january of this year, assistant coach timothy nguyen targeted at least 3 victims. ughhhh really sad. really really sadthe 25 year old allegedly earned his victims trust, then asked for nude photos or sexual favors from both the boys and girls he targeted. he even tried pursuing a relationship with one of them.oh my goodness that's pretty badmark ooka you kinda get desensitized to it. i mean it's still unfortunate but it's still like ehhhit was the quicksilver swim team that reached out to police back in may. the internet crimes against children and child exploitation detail arrested nguyen on thursday. he's being charged with annoying or molesting a child under the age of 18, and intimidating or persuading a witness or victim. i just feel bad for the kids because now where do they go with that? are they going to be able to trust and be successful for another coach? because he's broken that trust. police are urging any other victims to step forward. reporting in san jose
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(pam) tonight -- police are trying to determine if human remains found in hayward... belong to a missing uber driver. piseth chhay- who vanished on mother's day.. the dismembered remains were discovered by workers on saturday... at a warehouse connected to the main person of interest in the disappearance. kron 4's j-r stone is live tonight.. with what we know about that man... named -bob tang. j.r? (j.r.)i did, a man who is believed to have fled to cambodia but a man who they describe as quiet, nice, and never problematic. all eyes are now on bob tang more than 48 hours after human remains were recovered in this hayward warehouse. tang is the person of interest in the disappearance of uber driver piseth chhay. now dna test
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are being done to determine if those remains are chhay's.sot mr. chhay and mr. tang are aquantances and have dealt with each other in the fact it appears they did more than just deal with each other. the morning chhay went missing the two were together according to what his wife told us lasst month.sot hiking together that morningthe human remains were found in several bags in this warehouse. employees tell us tang had worked at this warehouse for more than 20 is believed that tang fled to cambodia in may. his car was previously recovered at sfo. monday we went to the area where tang had lived with his wife and children who still live there. no one answered the door and when our cameras were far from that door, at least one family member left. neighbors say tang was quiet but a nice person who was helpful. some who live in the neighborhood say if tang is in cambodia there's no telling when police will get to talk with him.sot if he is in cambodia and he is up country and doesn't want to be found it is going to be very difficult to find anybody sunday night chhay's wife was in tears when we spoke to her. hoping the remains found are not that of her husband.others
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flat out disgusted over this latest recovery of human remains found in bags.sot i believe in the fundamental goodness of people and when you find somebody who has carved up a body that is just totally mean and i don't expect things like that i just don't. ...
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(steve)breaking news tonight.. the white house says it has found "potential" evidence that syria is preparing for another chemical weapons attack. adding the potential attack "would likely result in the mass murder of civilians, including innocent children." the white house also warning if syria conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, they will pay a heavy price. earlier this year -- the u-s did strike syrian government forces.... firing 59 tomahawk cruise missiles... following a chemical weapon attack on civilians by syria. (pam) another big story tonight... today, the u.s. supreme court delivered a partial win for president trump ... allowing parts of the so-called "travel ban" ... to go into effect... but not all of it. (steve) the full case will be heard by the high court in october. tonight - we have team coverage... on what all this means. kron4's ella sogomonian is at san francisco internaional airport getting reaction from travelers.(pam) first, let's get to reporter scott mclean in washington, d.c.... with details on the high court's decision.
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on the campaign trail, president trump promised to win... and today he got one... but it's only partial, and it may be temporary. in a 6-3 decision, the supreme court allowed some parts of trump's revised travel ban to go into effect, but not others. in a statement trump called it a: "clear victory for our national security. it allows the travel suspension for the six terror-prone countries and the refugee suspension to become largely effective.the court's ruling means that people from six countries in the middle east and africa will be barred from entry for 90 days -- unless they can prove bona fide links to the u-s -- like family, a college admission, or a job offer. jeffrey toobin/cnn senior legal analyst: " the court seems to have thread a needle actually quite elegantly, where they have dealt with the people who have the biggest hardships, the saddest stories, the people who have close relatives." the affected countries -- iran, syria, yemen, libya, sudan, and somalia -- are all majority muslim. lower courts had blocked the travel ban
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before it went into effect, ruling -- in part -- based on trump's comments on the campaign trail. "donald j trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states "the white house said the the ban was for national security reasons -- not religious ones. the court will sort out those arguments when it hears the full case this fall. in the meantime, both sides are claiming a win. the department of homeland security has yet to say when the partial ban will go into effect. (steve) our team coverage continues..bay area travelers we spoke with are upset that parts of the travel ban have been reinstated... kron4's ella sogomonian is live at san francisco international airport... ella - what can we expect there after today's
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supreme court ruling? within 72 hours customs and border protection agents will be the people enforcing the travel ban on the front lines. san francisco international airport travelers are puzzled why the supreme court has chosen to uphold a trump administration travel ban for yemen, somalia, syria, sudan, and libiya.sot: aamir akmal, opposed to travel ban//the list of countries they've listed doesn't make sense. the whole thing doesn't make sense. there's never details, there's just these general bans just kind of making people think that they're safe when we're really not doing anything different."monday's partial approval of the ban by the highest court has middle eastern nationals from other countries worried they could be next.sot: karim galil, egyptian national/ "me personally i'm not on the list thank god but you never know when this may happen."many that spoke with kron 4 feel the united states and its allies have an obligation to
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provide a safe haven for refugees who may not be able to prove they have genuine ties to the u.s. as mandated by the ruling. sot: john brigg, australian national// "if the us is going to get involved with the middle east conflict and its going to create disruption for people lives and those people are not a danger to the united states then obviously the united state and all its allies have responsibilities."sot: aamir akmal, opposed to travel ban//"i think if we say we are a global super power and we're going to preach democracy and human rights then we should accept our fair share of refugees and take whatever risk is with that."sfo spokesperson doug yakel says the airport is prepared in case they see another round of protests.while the department of homeland security released a statement following the partial approval of the ban saying it would implement the ban "professionally, with clear and sufficient public notice, particularly to potentially affected travelers, and in coordination with partners in the travel industry." another concern for people they tell me is that the trump administration is focusing on a ban that they don't see merits as much attention as what really impact americans on a daily basis like healthcare. live at sfo ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (pam ) more big news out
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of washington....according to the congressional budget office... 22-million more americans... would be without health insurance by 20-16 - if the senate g-o-p healthcare bill passes. we will breakdown more of the predicted impact of the proposed plan -- coming up at 10:30. (steve) in castro valley-- firefighters responded to a house fire...smoke and flames were coming through the roof residents were able to evacute their home before crews arrived. firefighters were able to save two dogs sadly a small bird died. one resident had to go to the hospital after inhaling smoke the cause of the fire is under investigation seasonably cool temperatures through midweek then slight warming as a ridge builds thursday and friday. slight cooling back towards normal over the weekend as another weak trough passes over the
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region. dry weather the next 7 days with night and morning coastal clouds followed by sunny afternoons. (steve) coming up new at ten:hear from a man who can't believe he's alive... he descirbes the dramatic rescue that saved him from certain death. (pam) then -- a reminder to always be aware of your surroundings.. we have new video..... showing just how fast you can be become a victim in public. (steve) and next:what we know about a bay area father.. who lost his live while saving his young daughter from drowning.
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(pam) tonight -- we are learning more about a father who died... while trying to save his 5-year old daughter from drowning.... 40-year old roni avila from san francisco... is remembered as a loving husband, father and friend... according to social media posts. he was out kayaking with his 5-year-old daughter south of rio vista ... in three- mile slough... when their kayak overturned on sunday. neither of them had on a life jacket, according to the sacramento county sheriff's office. initially, avila and his daugther both went under, but he surfaced he had his daughter and held her above the water. witness say, she was picked up by a good samaritan.
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(pam) avila then went under again ... and he did not come back up. the family has set-up a 'go fund me' account to help raise money to bury him in san francisco. you can find a link on our website kron- 4 dot- com. (steve) in san jose -- the effort to recall superior court judge aaron persky has taken a first step. persky unleashed a firestorm of criticism .... for handing down what many say, is a far too lenient sentence.... to a former stanford athlete brock turner for the sexual assault of a woman who was unconscious and intoxicated. backers of the recall say that in august they will begin collecting the 58,000 signatures needed to qualify the recall for the june 2018 ballot .
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sexual assault. his inherent bias in these cases frequently leads to undesirable outcomes where perpetrators never receive the justice they deserve...">(steve) judge persky has not made any public comment about the turner case or the recall effort. since the turner case, persky, at his own request, has been hearing only civil cases. (steve) a judge dismissed two felony counts of conspiracy to obstruct justice against a former oakland police officer today. it happened after prosecutors refused to disclose the name of a confidential informant in the prostitution case. 27 year old ryan walterhouse still faces one misdemeanor count of engaging in an act of prostitution. a prostitute testified that walterhouse gave her his number and solicited her for sex after he met her while patrolling in oakland last year. walterhouse resigned from the oakland police department in december. this case is not related to the police sex scandal involving a woman formerly
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known as celeste guap. (pam) new at ten: a major road in santa cruz county is finally open ... after a storm destroyed a large portion of the street back in february. an official ribbon- cutting welcomed back drivers after months of detours -- but county officials want people to know, this is only a temporary fix. crews will continue to make repairs on the soquel san jose road -- and in some areas, there will only be one lane of traffic. drivers should be aware traffic will not subside completely-- but plans are underway to avoid similar situations. crews say....
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traffic patterns and commute times will soon be back to normal for drivers in this area. we are tracking wildfires across the west... a 12- hundred acre wildfire has fire officials issuing evacuation warnings in southern california. crews say scorching, dry conditions are causing the fire, northeast of palm springs to move quickly. a single-car crash caused the brush fire. two people in crash were taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. officials closed highway 79, in both directions, because of the fire, which is only zero percent contained tonight. (steve) traffic is moving again on a los angeles county freeway shut down after a weekend car crash sparked a smoky fire . evacuation orders have also been lifted for about 100 canyon homes briefly threatened by flames in santa clarita. the fire prompted a temporary shutdown of highway 14 the fire was reported after a vehicle
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hit a tree.... the flames spread from the crash site to nearby brush. no injuries reported... the fire is 57 percent contained tonight. (steve) and the nation's largest active wildfire is scorching more land in utah. the brian head fire has now scorched 46-thousand acres...and is only 10-percent contained. nearly one-thousand fire crews and at least 10-helicopters are battling the flames. the fire has been burning for nine days now, forcing hundreds of people to evacuate. so far...the fire has burned 21 buildings. (pam)a live look outside tonight.. looking out over san francisco... cooler but comfortable temperatures in the forecast.(steve)chief meterologist brittney shipp weather details. seasonably cool temperatures through midweek then slight warming as a ridge builds
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thursday and friday. slight cooling back towards normal over the weekend as another weak trough passes over the region. dry weather the next 7 days with night and morning coastal clouds followed by sunny afternoons.
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(pam) still ahead:new details about a very scary flight.. the plane started shaking so violently -- the pilot told passengers to pray. we'll hear from people on that plane -- ahead. (steve) and next:
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rideshare company lyft making a move to ease traffic congestion... but it might take a little extra work from you -- when you hail a ride.
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(steve) the popular ridesharing app lyft is making changes to its service. starting today, users will be given the option of walking a short distance to meet their driver. as kron4's charles clifford reports -- the goal is to shorten commutes and reduce congestion. natsin san francisco's financial district monday afternoon lyft users had mixed feelings about walking to catch their ride.sotsot
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is because i expect them to pick me up in the exact location in the time they said. sometimes i have to cancel a ride if it's out of my way. that's kind of annoying.>sotbut kim believes that lyft and the other transportation network companies that operate in san francisco, like uber, need to do even more to reduce congestion and give back to the city. she has proposed charging tncs a fee. sotshe says that at this point the idea is just a proposal and that there are still a lot of fine details to work out. sot
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(pam) new at 10. the sonoma- marin area rail transit district... is offering free preview rides on its smart train. it is happening between rohnert park and the marin civic center stations starting on thursday. the district will also run trains between the sonoma county airport station and the marin county fair at the marin civic center ... on july first and july fourth. smart's free preview is in advance of full regular train service between the airport station and downtown san rafael. a
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starting date... has not been announced. (steve) coming update on the investigation into a teen's fall from an amusment park ride... tonight -- we're learning the riders own actions are being looked into. (pam) then -- a good samaritan trying to help a child... ends up punched and then shamed on social media. how his kind act was so badly mis- interpreted. there's a place like no other...
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where a walk down main street... where a walk down main street... blah blah blah .. hey! the name's rocket and i need your help! the collector has trapped my friends, the guardians of the galaxy in this weird...freakshow... check it out...this is the joint we're in... and we need you to help us break out! got it? move it!...i gotta go! there is magic for days! (pam) new tonght at ten:a
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man who was swept down the upper yuba river in nevada county ... cannot believe he is alive.. and he is not alone.the team that rescued him says, he was only a few feet from certain death. the dramatic rescue was all caught on camera.(steve) new tonight -- reporter lonnie wong talked to the man from reno who is lucky to be alive tonight. .. (steve) that was lonnie wong
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reporting.. if you want to see the dramatic rescue video again -- we have it posted on kron-4-dot-com. (pam) another big story tonight: the congressional budget office released its findings today ... on the senate's new proposed health care bill. that bill could reduce the u-s deficit by several hundred - billion dollars -- but many critics say at what cost? the report does not look good for a lot of people needing health care.. reporter scott mclean tells us how the white house answered back to the c-b-o's negative report. sen. chuck schumer/ -d- new
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york: "the cbo report makes it clear, the senate bill is every bit as "mean" as the house bill"twenty-two million. that's how many more americans would be without health insurance by 2026, if the proposed senate gop health care bill passes, according to the congressional budget office the house version of the bill that passed in may, this version would end enhanced medicaid expansion, eliminate coverage mandates, and allow insurers to charge older policyholders more. premiums would be down about 20% over the next 10 years for the average customer. the u.s. deficit could also be cut by $321 billion dollars. but those in the individual market would be hit with dramatic increases for services. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is scrambling to shore up votes for the bill, but these new numbers may not help. sen. lindsey graham/ -r- south carolina: from a political point of view, if you had a problem with the bill, the cbo score didn't help you at all. is this going to pass? bottom line?it won't get 49 votes, ... 50 or 30 or 35. i don't know if i were a betting man i think it is going to be a heavy lift between the cruz,
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rand paul world and susan collins and heller, it's going to be tough to get to 50 but time will tell."senate republicans unveiled their version of the obamacare repeal last thursday to an underwhelming response by many in their own party. sen. rand paul/ -r- kentucky: "i'm also concerned that the republican version keeps most of the subsidies and creates a brand- new subsidy... all of those things together make me very concerned we're not going to fix the problem here." only two republican senators can vote against the bill in order for it to still pass, and as of monday afternoon, as least five oppose it.from washington, i'm scott mclean. (pam) the family of philando castile reached a three- million dollar settlement with the city of saint anthony, minnesota. castile is the minnesota man shot by police last year... during a traffic stop. police officer jeronimo yanez was charged in the killing. but he was acquitted of second- degree manslaughter and related counts earlier this month. (pam) martin shkreli is best known for raising the price of a life-saving drug for aids patients more than five- thousand percent. but today -- he was in federal court on another matter.
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shkreli faces charges of securities fraud.. wire fraud and conspiracy... for cheating investors out of more than 11-million dollars. if convicted.. he faces more than 20-years behind bars. (steve) tonight this stunning video is raising questions about amusement park safety...a 14-year-old girl from delaware survived a fall from a ride at the great escape park near albany new york. but it's not only ride safety being looked at tonight -- also the riders own actions are being looked into. reporter anya tucker has the story. he warren county sheriff's office says they've reviewed security video taken near the ride and are now considering human error as a factor in this weekend's wasn't only cellphones that captured the terrifying moments when the girl clung to and then fell from the ride. there were also security cameras within the park focused on the gondola style ride.police say the video shows the girl riding in slumped down position. and then in a split second, she is
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seen slipping out from the space in between the seat and the safety bar."the equipment was inspected and found to be in working order. we are continuing to investigate the matter and are considering human error as a causative factor," warren county sheriff lt. steven stockdale said.well known personal injury attorney paul harding who is not involved in this case gave the example of a ski lift."there's a bar and somewhere for your feet to go," paul harding, of martin, harding & mazzotti, said.according to their website, the amusement park says there's no minimum height requirement for the sky ride but that you have to be at least 48 inches tall to ride alone.police say the girl who fell from the ride was well over that at about 5'2". she was also riding along with her brother.the great escape/splashwater kingdom did not return calls to answer how the park is addressing any safety did release a statement on sunday saying the department of labor determined the ride was safe to reopen. the sky ride will remain closed until the park makes its own determination. the girl has been released from the hospital. (steve) new video tonight... showing a violent
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attack (steve) new video tonight... showing a violent attack in new orleans. we want to warn you it is graphic... but a good reminder to always be aware of your surroundings. it happened over the weekend in the french quarter... two tourists were hurt. they were walking back to their hotel saturday... when four men walked up behind them
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and knocked them to the ground and robbed them. one man is in critical condition, the other is in stable condition. police hope the surveillance video will generate leads from the public. coming upthe creeks in pleasant hill are full of beautiful wild life you might find gaggles of geese or a crane or maybe even a couch . wait what? nats: ambiance i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (pam) but first..imagine being told to "pray" .... by the pilot of your plane during an emergency. it happened on a flight... we'll show you why -ahead.
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federal student loan interest rates to rise saturday . . . starting saturday, interest rates will rise on new federal loans for 2017-2018. college students and their families can expect to pay more as they borrow for the fall semester. interest rates will rise to 4.45 percent for undergrads borrowing after saturday. graduate students aren't spared: their rates go to 6 percent. last year, the average graduate owed $37,172 in student loan debt.your credit score may soon look better . . . .about 12 million people will get a lift in their credit scores next month as the national credit reporting agencies wipe from their records two major sources of negative information about borrowers: tax liens and civil judgments. the change stems from a lengthy crusade by consumer advocates and government officials to force the credit bureaus to improve the accuracy of their reports,
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which are often speckled with errors and outdated information.
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flight that no one on board will ever forget.
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passengers on a plane that had engine failure say it was shaking so violently, the pilot asked them to pray. reporter, rene marsh explains the traumatic experience these travelers went through heart stopping vibrations onboard an airbus 330 for nearly two hours as it flew over the indian ocean. nats: "our survival depends on your cooperating "two times, passengers say the pilot asked them to pray . terrifying for passengers on board who thought they were going to die. damien stevens/ passenger "i was just very nervous, i thought the whole plane was going to go plummeting down " there were 359 passengers onboard. they heard a loud bang and the plane began to shake continuously. the pilot announced engine trouble then turned the air asia x flight around.samad monfard/ passenger:"the captain said that one of the blades on the left engine was missing."this image from aviation herald
10:46 pm
reportedly shows one of the plane's engines, one blade is broken off. peter goelz/ former ntsb managing director: "they'll be able to tell through metallurgical study whether it was fatigue, whether it was some other problem, they will look at the other blades in that engine, and see if there were any other signs of a problem."the aircraft's maintenance history is also expected to be a focus for investigators. peter goelz/ former ntsb managing director:"they will go back over the history of this engine, from the moment it was put on the wing of this plane. and they will investigate all of the components that could've failed."the flight that took off from perth australia early sunday morning local time bound for kuala lumpur returned safely to australia . the airline has now launched an investigation into cause. in a statement the airline said "we would like to stress that air asia group has always strictly followed the maintenance program prescribed by our manufacturers."the airbus 330 is one of the most commonly used aircraft for long haul air travel.
10:47 pm
investigators are now trying to determine if this was an isolated incident or part of a larger problem with these rolls royce engines. (steve) the aircraft is designed to be able to fly with just one engine. the airline has not said anything beyond their statement, assuring the public that safety is a priority. one passenger says he received twenty dollars as compensation after harrowing the flight. (pam) a good samaritan was trying to help a little girl who got separated from her parents according to police ... but the child's family ended up beating the man - and calling him a child predator on social media. police in lakeland, florida say ... the whole thing was a misunderstanding. the man was walking toward the parking lot of a park with the little girl. when the girl's father saw him, he assumed he was a child predator and he punched the man several times. "this guy, is a father, a local businessman, has two
10:48 pm
children, was trying to help this child. but they turned it completely around and that's not right.""do you buy that he was trying to find her parents.""no, hell no, i don't. not at all!" the good samaritan did not file any charges against the girl's family. police say, people should be careful what they post on social media because inaccurate posts could victimize innocent people. seasonably cool temperatures through midweek then slight warming as a ridge builds thursday and friday. slight cooling back towards normal over the weekend as another weak trough passes over the region. dry weather the next 7 days with night and morning coastal clouds followed by sunny afternoons. it finally happened for draymond greenafter being beaten out by kawhi leonard the last two seasons the
10:49 pm
warriors forward won the nba's defensive player of the year award tonight he is the first warrior ever to win the award green was also named 3rd team all-nba and 1st team all defensive nba and even won the "assist of the year" with teammate steph curryklay thompson won the performance of the year for his 60 point game bob myers won exectutive pf the year for the second afternoons. by sunny afternoons.
10:50 pm
it finally happened for draymond greenafter being beaten out by kawhi leonard the last two seasons the warriors forward won the nba's defensive player of the year award tonight he is the first warrior ever to win the award green was also named 3rd team all-nba and 1st team all defensive nba and even won the "assist of the year" with teammate steph curryklay thompson won the performance of the year for his 60 point game bob myers pf the year for the second straight year russell lifetime achievement) kareem abdul-jabar presented 11-time nba champion oakland native bill russell with the nba lifetime achievement award at the nba award show tonight russell spent his adolescence
10:51 pm
in oakland and went to usf in collegerussell pointed out all the greats around him and had a little message(sot: russell) (after long pause) "i would kick your aáá" (laughter) giants hosting the rockies at the ballpark in san francisco buster posey who had 3 hits and 3 rbi gave away 1,000 baseball gloves to members of the junior giants before the gamebottom 3rd/ 2-0 giants brandon belt he was making pizzas for charity earlier today drives one off the base of the wall in triples ally joe panik who was his pizza- making partner scores on the triple 3-0 giantsbottom 4th/ 3-0denard span drives one into triples ally gorky's hernandez scores on another
10:52 pm
triple 4-0 giantstop 7th/ 5-2 giants bases loadedhunter strickland gave up a home run yesterday in his first game back from suspension but here he gets d.j. lemahieu to ground it back to him to end the inningjeff samardzija the starter a sigh of relief in the dugout(samardzija: 6 1/3 ip, 2 runs impoves to 3-9) final: 9-2 giants (snap 5-game losing streak) lonzo ball made his first appearance at the staples center since being drafted by the lakers but his dad soon stole the showlonzo making his entrance durung "wwe raw monday night" many lakers fans in the housebut the big entrance his father lavar flanked by youngest son lamelo coming in with his usual over-the-top style sprinting toward the ringand tumbling inlavar confronted wrestler "the miz" eventually takes off his shirt he didn't end up actually wrestling a stand-in did that but a lot of bravado and showmanship from lavar as his sons looked on amused
10:53 pm
brady is nba and nfl champions steph curry and tom brady hit the links this past weekend at the pga event in cromwell, connecticutfresh off his offseason trip to asia and curry just wrapped up his family trip to hawaii...the two faces of under armour shared greenscurry is known pretty good brady has lessons from traveler's championship winner jordan speith (wipe to america's cup) 35th america's cup in bermuda underdog erimates team new zealand defeated larry ellison's oracle team usa in overwhelming 7-1 victorythis is a revenge victory for new zealand, as they lost to team usa in heartbreaking 9-8 defeat in last america's cup in san francisconew zealand's peter burling is youngest ever america's cup winning helmsman (pam) next at the top of the hour. human remains found in a east bay warehouse. tonight -- detectives are trying to determing if the remains are linked to the case of a missing father of two and uber driver from san
10:54 pm
francisco stay tuned for kron 4 news at 11... the day's big stories and your forecast.. in half the time. (steve) but another edition of people behaving badly.stanley roberts shows us one bay area creek...where people are dumping their trash, and it's having a big impact on wildlife.stay tuned for that. ♪
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hundreds of rivers, streams and waterways leading to the san francisco bay... and ultimately to our drinking water.(( steve )) and on top of that are tens of thousands of sewers that capturerainwater that also lead to the same place. along the way are numerous obstacles that get in the way ofthat water staying clean. some of those are natural problemsand some are man made and avoidable. there is a sign outside a creek in the city of pleasant hill which reads: grayson creek watershed ours to protect .. ours to protect
10:58 pm
are strong words it means we are all responsible for it.we are responsible for the gaggles of geese which call this home; we are responsible for the ducks that swim back in forth . or even the cranes that look for food in this creek nats: the problem is the creek and the area surrounding the creed has been trashed.. on the banks of the creek you will find this sectional sofa this sign reads processing stations but rest assured there is on such station in or next the creek i also was unable to locate a bike repair shop on the creeks banks just a bikenats: i have found that if there is tagging . chances are you will find unwanted items in and around the area which by the way the creek falls under the contra costa county flood and water conversation district i know this because there is a sign right next to the hole in the
10:59 pm
fence despite the no trespassing signs the banks appear to be a walking trail for the residents nats ambiance: in the water it's not hard to find trash and debris including this office chair covered in algae but what you will find along the banks the most is shopping carts . lots of shopping carts. in places you probably would expect to find a shopping cartnats: ambiance now inside the property of the diablo valley plaza, there is what appears to the remnants of a homeless encampment like this vcr and baskets and more shopping carts this story was forwarded to me after on one of my co-workers read it in the claycord blog an the images i saw were in my opinion worth taking a closer look nats: ambiancepeople ive spoke to the area say that there has been a problem with illegal dumping in in and around the creek .. but with the new construction things may change but in the meantime, contra costa county flood and water conversation district needs to address the trashing of this watershed and make a decision is the banks a walking trail or off limits and if it is off limits. a better fencing job might be in order .. but what do i know i'm just a reporter on pleasant hill stanley roberts kron 4 news
11:00 pm
(steve) now at 11... human remains found stuffed in bags... tonight - police are trying to figure out if they are related to the case of a missing san francisco uber driver. im steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore... piseth chhay ....vanished on mother's day. kron 4's j.r stone spoke with police about bob tang .... the main person of interest in the disappearance. all eyes are now on bob tang more than 48 hours after human remains were recovered in this hayward warehouse. tang is the person of interest in the disappearance of uber driver piseth chhay. now dna test are being done to determine if those remains are chhay's.sot mr. chhay and mr. tang are aquantances and have dealt with each other in the fact it appears they did more than just deal with each other. the morning chhay went missing the two were together


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